Macworld San Francisco: the conference centre was jammed full of eager Mac fanatics, captivated by the Apple iPhone - encased behind a rotating plastic cylinder like the monolith in Kubrik’s 2001.

Flashes fired in succession as the crowds photographed the device. It was a frenzy as everyone worked for a glimpse of Apple’s latest offering.

“It’s beautiful,” a man was relaying commentary into his cellphone. “Not too large, just right, this is the best thing Apple have ever made...”

I was there working my way through the crowds - DVCPro HD Panasonic HVX-200 in hand, right to the front where I captured images of the new Apple device. A sole Apple employee stood guard - I wasn’t sure if he was there to answer questions or to act as some kind of buffer to keep the public from getting too out of control.

A short interview followed - I wasn’t at the keynote and hadn’t even read what was on the web - so I asked the most intelligent question I could think of - “tell me about the new device. What is it. What’s it do?”

Watch it on MacVideoTV (most of this shot in 720 25P) - exclusive coverage from Macworld San Francisco.