I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who thinks Mac OS X Lion is a rubbish name for the next iteration of the Mac operating system – right now 51.8 per cent of Macworld readers voting in our poll (you can vote on the right hand side of the page, scroll down...) agree with me.

Yes, the Lion is the king of the jungle, yes, the Lion is the biggest of the big cats, yes, Lion's have fancy facial hair, I know. It's just that the name just doesn't sound like an Apple operating system. Maybe it's because it sounds like lying (in both senses: being horizontal and telling porkies).

As a result the only way I can come to terms with the name of the new operating system is to make a reference to Lion-O in Thundercats. Henceforth I will only refer to Mac OS X 10.7 as Mac 'Lion-O' S X.

Thundercats Ho!