Adobe’s new Creative Suite 3 has come under fire for its zillion versions, but another gripe about it is about the applications’ icons. In case you haven’t seen, each app is represented by two letters slapped onto a colored square - for example, Photoshop’s icon is a blue square with “Ps” written on it. Someone even created a color wheel with all of CS3’s icons, and it’s quite an impressive sight.

Needless to say, they’re not the most subtle or attractive icons for many people, and if Adobe’s applications sit in your Dock, they can visually clash with the other icons. What to do? Why, replace them! On his blog, Joshua Bryant has a great round-up of the best replacement icons for most apps in CS3.

Although I’m not wealthy enough to own Creative Suite 3, my two personal favourite replacement sets are from Louie Mantia and Adam Betts. Enjoy your new, refined Dock.

This blog first appeared on our sister site Mac User (US)