Save Time With MacPromo’s Cyber Monday Time-Saver Bundle
Austin, TX, November 29, 2010 – If you’re a Mac user, you are probably looking for ways to save time when you work with your Mac. MacPromo has come up with the ultimate Mac time-saver bundle, featuring 10 utilities that will help you get more done on your Mac, making your work more efficient and leaving more time for what you enjoy. Take advantage of this special Cyber Monday bundle.
MacPromo’s Mac time-saver bundle includes some of the best, most popular and highest-rated Mac utilities. Each of the 10 programs gives you new ways to work with your Mac, saving time when typing, reading e-mail, downloading files, organizing and renaming files and much more.
The Mac time-saver bundle is an unbeatable offer. This bundle, available now through December 31, contains 10 applications that provide enhanced productivity features for Mac users.

Available for only $49.99, this bundle is more than 85% off the total price of the programs, if purchased individually, a saving of $327.
“All Mac users are delighted to find ways to work more efficiently,” said Laurent Marteau, CEO Intego. “This is a great opportunity to find the best Mac utilities that streamline everyday tasks. And we’ve even added a great game as a bonus for the first 5,000 purchasers.”
The MacPromo Mac time-saver bundle contains the latest versions of the following programs:
TypeIt4Me, Let your Mac do half your typing
PathFinder, The power-user’s Finder replacement
DragThing, Tidy up your desktop with the original dock
NameMangler, Rename files quickly and easily
Personal Antispam, Keep your inbox spam-free
MacFreelance, Easy billing and invoice software for Mac
Keyboard Maestro, Increase your productivity with powerful macros
Personal Backup, Back up files, synchronize folders, and clone startup volumes
Folx Pro, Speed up all your downloads
CuteClips, Clipboard history for everybody
In addition to these 10 great programs, the first 5,000 purchasers of the MacPromo Mac time-saver bundle will receive a free copy of Aspyr’s Star Wars Empire at War, a $50 value. This is a great game that gives players the power to command an entire war for the Star Wars galaxy.
All of these programs are compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard, as well as Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard.
Purchased separately, the programs in this bundle would cost $377, but in this limited-time offer, the bundle can be purchased for only $49.99, a saving of more than 85%! (Prices outside the US and Canada may be different.)
The MacPromo Mac time-saver bundle is the second great Mac software bundle from Intego. It is available from the MacPromo web site, It is not available in retail stores, and is only available online or by telephone from Intego. (See the MacPromo web site,, for phone numbers.)
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