XChange UK and ThePowerXChange.com announce last chance for users to upgrade PitStop Pro 7 and PitStop Server 4

XChange UK and ThePowerXChange.com, the sources for extended technology worldwide announce the final weeks for users of PitStop Pro 7.x and PitStop Server 4.x to upgrade to the current versions of the software. Following the recent release of version 10 for both applications, Enfocus is offering a final chance for users of PitStop Pro 7 and PitStop Server 4 to receive the latest version of their powerful preflighting and editing software at an upgrade price. Additionally, introductory promotional pricing is in place for a limited time for all earlier version upgrades to version 10.

As of January 1, 2011 there will be no upgrade path to PitStop Pro 10 from PitStop Pro 7 and there will be no upgrade path to PitStop Server 10 from PitStop Server 4. Any users of these versions can purchase new licenses of PitStop Pro 10 and PitStop Server 10 at the standard full license prices starting January 1, 2011. Users can save substantially by upgrading as opposed to buying full copies once PitStop Pro 7 and PitStop Server 4 become unsupported.

“We have a large customer base who are still using the earlier versions and we want to let them know how many features version 10 brings to the table. PitStop Pro 10 offers new and improved tools to handle colors issues in an easy and straightforward way.

The Color Picker has been redesigned to add and find spot colors intuitively and the new version also allows users to check the ink coverage of PDF objects, correctly interpreting transparency, overprint settings, overlapping items and layers. Users can also use black point compensation with Little CMS or Adobe CMM and much more,” offers Tami Stodghill, Press Relations Manager. “Version 10 is packed with features that will save users even more time and money and offers immediate ROI. The promotional prices mean even bigger savings.”

PitStop Pro 10 includes everything users need for fast and reliable preflighting and editing of PDF documents. It not only provides a systematic and thorough detection of all possible problems, it also enables users to edit and correct them in a matter of seconds—without ever having to leave their familiar Adobe Acrobat environment.

The PitStop Pro preflight engine contains pre-defined settings to detect typical problems. All settings are based on the current best practices of graphic designers and printers worldwide, and use industry standards such as PDF/X and the Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications. Users can modify the pre-defined settings or create their own to correct PDFs according to the unique specifications of their clients, publishers, printers, or user associations. They can also configure their customized workspace with their own toolbars, presets, and favorites.

PitStop Pro uses Certified PDF technology to register all preflight information, including all changes that have been made, when, and by whom. All preflight results are embedded in the actual PDF file and Certified. A report of the preflight result is always available and the navigator automatically leads users to the problem objects and offers solutions to fix them.

The new workgroup functionalities in PitStop Pro 10 enable users to centrally manage and standardize presets in multi-user environments. Users can share Action Lists, Preflight Profiles, Global Changes and workspaces among different collaborators and assign user rights. This helps them to apply policies throughout their organization, and makes sure presets are used correctly and consistently. The PitStop Workgroup Manager is available with Floating Licenses. This enables copies of PitStop Pro to be installed on all terminals within a local area network, with simultaneous use permitted up to the number of licenses purchased. The PitStop Workgroup Manager also allows users to manage these floating licenses in a centralized way.

PitStop Server 10
Manual editing tools such as PitStop Pro or PitStop Extreme are amazingly powerful in correcting last-minute problems in PDF files and making them suitable for production. PitStop Server 10 takes that same power to a new level. Using convenient watched folder architecture, automate inspection and correction of PDF files in high file volume environments.

PitStop Server brings editing and correction to the next level without the need for user interaction. Users can correct text errors, convert colors, renumber pages, set correct page boxes, apply stamps, insert cover pages, move, rotate, and scale objects—and these are just a few of the possibilities. Automated transparency flattening allows users to ensure consistent results also when outputting to different devices.

Extensive preflight options enable users to check for potential problems, e.g. font problems, low image resolution, color issues and many others. Ink coverage problems are detected efficiently and handle transparency, overprint settings, overlapping items and layers correctly. PitStop Server is built on the industry-standard Enfocus preflight engine to check all aspects of the user’s PDF files and supports standards such as PDF/X and the Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications but also allows them to use the profiles created by their publisher or printer.

Users can also generate a full preflight report that lists all problems found in their files in the user-friendly PitStop Pro report format as well as XML or annotated PDF reports. Embedded Certified PDF technology digitally signs their PDF files to ensure their quality and include the preflight results.
The optimization functionality in PitStop Server 10 analyzes and removes unnecessary items within the PDF, such as unnecessary image data outside trim or crop boxes. This results in a smaller file sizes for archival purposes and also ensures faster downloads from websites. Color management is also brought to a new level in PitStop Server 10, in tandem with the enhancements in PitStop Pro 10. Total ink coverage checks now take into account transparency, overprint settings, overlapping items and layers. Black point compensation is also supported when using either Adobe® CMM or Little CMS.

PitStop Pro 10 and PitStop Server 10 and upgrades from earlier versions are available now through XChange UK and ThePowerXChange.com. To order, or for more information, users can visit the websites or call on 877-940-0600 (North America) or +44(0)845 259 0255 in Europe.