Apple CEO Steve Jobs caused a stir today, making a $3 billion investment in little known UK firm, Reality Distortion.

The fictitious company develops solutions which integrate computer-created VR with a form of kiosk technology and enables the creation of 360-degree, all-round immersive visual environments.

In future, the company revealed in a 23 September 2005 financial report, it is also exploring ways to replicate sensations of sound, smell, heat, condensation and touch, using existing solutions.

Woody Allen's take on these technologies was virtual reality sex machine, the Orgasmatron. However, Reality Distortion's proposal is more like Star Trek's Holo-deck, a controllable multimedia environment for all your senses.

Reality Distortion CEO Thesis Aylie said: "We will create a network of connected public kiosks which let customers users put themselves inside an environment. These could be a geographical location, an emulated social situation, anything we can build. In future, we hope to enable users to create their own environments".

He admitted that full-scale environmental exploration "isn't there, yet", but claimed his standards-based prototype system could be enabled for gesture-based controls, so could already be used as a physically immersive interface for virtual reality, Second Life.

Reality Distortion has chosen to use Apple's Darwin OS core to develop the software. "We don't require all the features of a full OS at this point," Aylie said.

"We see a need for web and email access, but our solution allows client access. We don't want customers to find themselves meeting a black-hat-hacker while they explore a different reality."

Reality Distortion plans to bring its products to the market by 2012. "Our model predicts the social and technological situation will be right for personal technologies which favour deep, short-term escapism by 2012," Aylie explained.

This is a blog entry that's made up entirely of rumour, fantasy and idle speculation, but it's not impossible, right? To recap - this entire entry is made up of fake news, the news of the future.