If you ask me to compile of my favourite or most essential software, Bare Bones Yojimbo is likely to top that list. It’s the one stop shop for notetaking, password saving, and receipt managing. You can sync it using Apple’s .Mac, which makes it infinitely more useful to me. However, that’s not a complete solution because I’m not always at one of my computers.

Adrian Ross’s Webjimbo gives you access to your Yojimbo data anywhere by making your Mac into a special purpose website. While that by itself sounded great to me, I didn’t realize how good it was until I actually tried it. It doesn’t look or feel like a website though. You’d almost think that you’re really using Yojimbo. All your data is there in the interface you’ve gotten to know and love. If you give scripts access to your encrypted data, you can even view that.

While that may seem like a security concern (and it is locally because any AppleScript can access that data), your data is secured using industry standard SSL. That’s a welcome feature for me because my Yojimbo data is valuable and deserves protection.

There are some disclosed limitations, but if you can live with them, you’ll have full access to your data. An iPhone optimized version is even in the works. For $29.95, it’s a bargain and probably the slickest example of Web 2.0 code I’ve seen yet.