People often say that Apple fans are obsessive. But they’re nothing compared to the narrow-minded, sheer outright devotion that Microsoft garners. You think I’m kidding, right? Microsoft? The company everybody loves to hate…

Okay, try this. Ask somebody what word processor they use, and I bet you the answer is Microsoft Word. Doesn’t matter whether they’re using a Mac, or a PC; it’ll be Word. Try suggesting that they use something else for a change and watch the horror spread across their face. Nothing can convince people to ditch Word.

A company I used to work for once suggested to its journalists that they could save a fortune (well, around 50 grand every other year) by using another cheaper program. You should have seen the hue and cry; the wailing and gnashing; not to mention the moaning down the pub. It would appear that people, even Mac journalists, are somewhat attached to Word.

Well not me. I think Microsoft Word 2004 for Mac is a dog; it crashes constantly, on an Intel Mac it runs like a tortoise stoned on valium (when it runs at all) and it can’t even count properly. I can’t believe that after all these years Microsoft still hasn’t fixed the word count function.
So I’ve stopped using Word and have moved on to Nisus Writer Pro and I swear I’ve not looked back. For the last month I’ve written letters, checked magazine pages, opened press releases and done all my usual work without once firing up Word.

Nisus is faster, smarter, has great features like a full-screen mode and can open all Microsoft Word documents. Because it’s Intel-native and light as a feather it runs like lightning. Because it’s not laden down with nonsense features that I’ll never use, I can usually find the feature I want.

The only thing it’s missing is a grammar checker, but if you’re serious about grammar then you can combine it with Grammatica.
So Microsoft revealed all the new features on Word today and the new look boxshot. It’s going to have a tough time convincing me to use it again.