Now that we are getting over the lack of excitement at Steve Jobs keynote, I’m starting to wonder why we always think that Apple might just announce an exciting product at its Worldwide Developers Conference…

Let’s look at what the company announced the last few years:

August 2006:
Mac Pro
Mac OS X Leopard preview

June 2005:
Apple to Use Intel Microprocessors
2 millionth copy of OS X Tiger
QuickTime 7 for Windows

June 2004:
Mac OS X Tiger preview
30-inch Cinema HD display
Xcode 2

June 2003:
Power Mac G5
Mac OS X Panther preview
iChat AV and iSight
Safari 1.0
Introduces Xcode

May 2002:
Previews Jaguar
Previews iChat
QuickTime 6

Pattern emerging? Why does everyone always get excited and think that maybe this year Apple will do something other than preview the next version of Mac OS X and a few developer tools? It’s a developers conference after all!