Stuck for a little more reading? Then we recommend taking a look at New York magazine's extensive eight-page feature on Apple CEO Steve Jobs - is he planning his exit, the report asks. Will Apple and Google merge, it ponders.

The report offers a spirited take on the tech industry mogul. It's honest - pulling no punches in its glimpse at the way Jobs works and his mercurial nature.

The report explores the return of Jobs to the company he co-founded, and his immediate rescuing of the firm from imminent bankruptcy. It looks at the iPod, the Apple TV - and offers an interesting assement of the strengths and the risks of Apple's iPhone.

If the iPhone succeeds, the feature ponders, then Jobs' reputation will be eternal - there's not many men who can create epoch-defining products more than once. Can Jobs succeed in his attempt to follow-up on the success of the Mac II, the iPod, iMac and animated film?

If iPhone flops, the report adds, then Jobs' reputation could be harmed.

Just how important to Apple and to Jobs is 29 June, the day the iPhone ships?

You can read this fascinating glimpse into the man here.