Apple's release of the iPhone means it's time for Mac and Apple watchers to sit back and enjoy the ride, as the floodgates are now open for a swathe of releases from the firm.

It's clear now that Apple has been focusing all its activity on getting iPhone out into the wild - even to the extent of delaying the release of Mac OS X 10.5 to prioritise development of the device.

With the iPhone now available, it's likely Apple's teams are working in earnest both to produce software updates for iPhone that will deliver the kind of features critics of the product demand (MMS messages or a video capture facility, anyone?)

Today, Macworld reported on the latest iPhone rumour, claiming future improvements may include photo sharing and iChat messaging within the device.

But this is only the thin end of the wedge.

Leopard's introduction in October will be heralded by the introduction of a range of product and software upgrades, presumably kicking in in earnest in late August, as the traditionally slow summer season in technology buying comes to a close.

Smart money today predicts the introduction of a significantly re-designed iMac.

Apple-owned subsidiary FileMaker today introduced FileMaker Pro 9, a huge improvement in the product that traditionally always reinforces Apple's bottom line - sustaining the company through the lean times of the late nineties.

We can look forward to Leopard integration in future iterations of the iWork and iLife products.

And new iPods are anticipated for introduction just after summer - potentially integrating OS X and features from the iPhone - Coverflow on iPods, anyone?

Whatever the situation, I'm expecting real Apple news to appear once again as the company strategy moves into overdrive to support the release of the next major upgrade to its OS.