I was luckily enough to meet Steve Wozniak the other day. The guy is a legend in Apple circles. He made the first Apple computer – in fact he invented the PC as we know it. If you think you are a Mac fan and don’t know who he is you should be ashamed. In fact if you have any interest in computers at all, and don’t know who he is you should be ashamed – because Woz is the guy who started it all!

Having read his new biography - iWoz – and spent a couple of days studying his life, I was already pretty clued up on who he is and what he did, so meeting him was weird. Kind of like catching up with an old friend that has amnesia.

I was actually a bit star-stuck. This guy is bigger than Apple CEO Steve Jobs in my mind. But the funny thing is, I’m not sure which one of us was the most nervous. Woz is quite introverted you see, and during the interview it was kind of obvious that he doesn’t really enjoy that sort of thing. But I got him talking about the things he is passionate about and in the end it was pretty difficult to get him to stop!

You’ll be able to read about what he told me on this website, as well as in the next issue of Macworld – the one that’s out on 23 November.