I'm glad Apple's dumped its logo from the new iMac keyboard - it was confusing anyway, and a little slice of branding that just went too far.

Apple's decision to abandon the Apple logo from its new keyboards has got some Mac users all hot under the collar. That's the effect of change, I suppose, but a little reflection is all it takes to realise, "it is just a keyboard, this is still a Mac".

In any case, many technical and application guides had this tendency to call that particular key the Command key, rather than the Apple key.

When trying to help new Mac users do something, the conversation inevitably went like this:

You: "Now, press the Command key."

New Mac user: "The what?"

You: "Command...well, it's the one with an Apple logo and a squiggle on it."

New Mac user: "Why is it called the Command key?"

You get the picture.

So it's probably good news the little character has gone. No one will die as a result (hopefully). We'd best deal with it. Then we can move along to dealing with global warming, the AIDS crisis and ending war, or something, can't we?