Hush. Don't tell anyone but I think Apple might have forgotten about this January's VAT increase to 20% when it set the pricing for the new range of iMacs. 

This is great news of course, as the prices have all dropped a few pounds and I'm certainly not complaining. 

So where you would have been paying £1,020 for an entry level iMac it's now back to £999. A £21 saving. 

The top of the range 21.5in iMac is now £1,249 (down from £1,276). That's £27 off. 

The entry level 27in is £1,399 rather than £1,429. Saving you £30. 

And the top of the range iMac is now £1,649, rather than £1,684. That's £35 off. 

Pocket money savings, but savings none the less...