My 12-inch PowerBook has just turned three years old and it’s really struggling these days.

With its 1GHz PowerPC G4 processor and 512MB of RAM it seems to have given up the ghost running iPhoto recently, let alone PhotoShop.

I have to save everything onto an external hard drive because there is rarely ever more than 1GB of space left on this drive (it has only 37.14GB to offer). Sometimes I wonder where all the space goes…

And I have to move over to Emma’s Power Mac every time I need to burn a DVD, because I’m lacking a SuperDrive…

So, I hear you ask, why haven’t you upgraded?

Well. I reply. I want a 12-inch MacBook Pro. That’s why.

Apple’s portable range right now really doesn’t offer me what I need more than any of the above. It doesn’t offer small and light.

For all its faults, my 12-inch PowerBook offers me the most important feature of all. I can carry it home at the weekends when I have work to do, and I can carry it around with me when I’m at Macworld San Francisco and other similar events. A 15-inch MacBook Pro is too heavy and a 13-inch MacBook is too heavy – plus I’d really rather have the sleek aluminium casing anyway.

It has to be small and light or it’s just not doing it’s job as far as I’m concerned. So, I sincerely hope that Apple designer Jonathan Ive has been busily designing a smaller MacBook Pro for Apple CEO Steve Jobs to show of at Macworld San Francisco. Who cares about the iPhone, it’s the MacBook Pro I’m waiting for.