With less than two weeks to go until WWDC we’ve been playing guessing games here in the office, wondering whether we’ll just be hearing about new features in Leopard, or if Apple might just have something really exciting up its sleeve.

I’m hoping that we’re going to see some new Macs. Specifically a new MacBook Pro. And even more specifically, one that I can replace my trusty, but ageing 12-inch PowerBook with.

I might be in luck. Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu has been making his own predictions (he shared them with Apple Insider). His sources have told him to expect Apple to use WWDC to launch new MacBook Pros that will use Intel’s Santa Rosa platform and also incorporate LED-backlit displays (more environmentally friendly).

However, it’s not just a new MacBook Pro I want. I’ve been waiting for Apple to launch a smaller and lighter MacBook Pro. While Wu claims it is “less likely”, he does hint that the introduction of the rumoured “ultra-portable sub-notebook” might just happen at the developer’s show.

Wu’s money is also on new features in Leopard that will make it possible to run multiple operating systems at once. He credits this new challenge as the reason why Leopard had been delayed until October.

We’ll be waiting with bated breath on the evening of Monday 11 June to find out what’s in store, and I’ll be hoping that Apple announces something exciting that I can write about in the news section of the magazine.