Perhaps the most shocking attempt at a humorous take on the Mac versus PC debate has surfaced as a spoof clip online - and it even has a Glastonbury Festival connection: 'Napalm Glastonbury.

This quirky little Art-Kieda satire has as its prognosis that Microsoft founder Bill Gates has grown sick of Apple's continued advance in market share, and has decided to take direct action.

The satirists must have scratched their brains endlessly to come up with Gates' solution to Apple's continued ascendance. Then, presumably in a 'Eureka' moment - they came up with the idea.

With Apple's clear dominance in among the most creative of computer users - from artists to musicians - where in the UK could Gates most quickly eliminate a huge number of Mac users, while sending a message to Microsoft's Windows minions to stick with that platform?

Glastonbury Festival.

Take a look at this slightly amusing clip here.

"Artkieda deny any payment finance from Bill Gates or the Microsoft Corporation, this is just a malicious rumour spread by Artkieda," the satirical video-makers explained.