Well that’s me a fiver down. I bet our ad sales guy that the Aluminium iMac rumour was a fake.

Regular readers will remember that I thought the Aluminium (or Titanium) iMac was unlikely.

Mind you, the new look iMac is an absolute stunner, so I can’t really complain. I’m not sure on the keyboard though, looks a bit too much like a laptop keyboard for my liking. But the proof is in the pushing, or so they say (ba dam!).

I popped into the Apple store this morning on the off chance that they’d have some set up, but no such luck. Should be in the next week or so. We’ll let you know how it feels as soon as we get our hands on one.

iLife and iWork both looked interesting too. I seem to be the only person genuinely psyched by Numbers, Apple’s new spreadsheet application. Must be because I spend more time in Keynote and Excel than the rest of the team. The additions to iLife seem interesting, if not earth shattering - again, we’ll see when we get our hands on it.

Either way it’s great to have some new Mac products to talk about. Watch this space over the next week as we upload all the new information.