It's a travesty! Apple has removed the Apple symbol from the Apple key on the new anodized aluminum Apple keyboard!

Yes, that's right! There is no Apple branding on top of the new Apple keyboard - what a missed opportunity!

I've been trying out one of the new keyboards and instead of what would be the Apple key there is a key which shows the strange squiggly box that nobody quite understands the meaning of, and the letters 'cmd' - short for Command. (Even stranger, the image of the keyboard on the Apple website shows the key with the whole word: command spelt out, and next to it, the alt key has the word "option" spelled out... Maybe there is a different European version of the keyboard.)

True most people in the Mac world have been confused by Apple's insistence on calling the Apple key the 'Command' key for all these years. In fact we've often taken calls from people asking which key is the Command key. Telling them that they needed to click the Apple key was so much more obvious. And so much more Apple...

So why has it disappeared?

Is this an attempt to be more like the PC keyboards that PC users moving to the Mac platform are used to? But if that was the case wouldn't they have called the key Control (or ctrl)?

Was the Apple key the most expensive key on the keyboard due to the unusual symbol? Hardly, given that Apple has added keys with symbols for Expose and Dashboard!

We'd be interested to learn why you think Apple has done away with the Apple key.