Apple's Get a Mac advertising campaign has now made it over the ocean, featuring UK comedians Mitchell and Webb as PC and Mac.

I like the fact that Apple is pushing the benefits of the Mac rather than just the speed difference, but this campaign is virtually a carbon copy of the US one - with the same pitfalls.

Again, the PC character is the more likeable of the two. The UK Mac isn't quite as smug as the US Mac, but he's pretty close. PC guy may be the butt of the jokes, but at least he gets the laughs. Is Apple really suggesting that the PC is the funny guy, while the Mac is po-faced?

But more disappointing is the lack of proof that the Mac is a better choice of computer. We see the PC's dreary pie charts but never see anything but a blank Mac OS X screen. We know what iLife looks like and how easy it is to use, but no one else will after seeing any of these ads. Will the power of suggestion alone overturn Windows' dominance?

Microsoft's Windows ads are usually rather vague, but they are colourful. I bet there are going to be a bunch of eye-catching Vista ads in the coming weeks and months. Apple's love of monochrome isn't likely to deflect at least the idea that there's more to Windows than there is with the Mac.

Maybe the campaign should end in June with a Leopard leaping in and tearing the PC guy to pieces. That would be colourful and funny.