It’s amazing. People I know who used to laugh at Apple are buying Macs!

That’s right - the people who wouldn’t take the Mac seriously before are actually buying Macs. And not just buying Macs, they are fighting with the powers-that-be where they work, convincing them to buy them Macs!

Even Microsoft boss Bill Gates was greeted by a room full of Macs when he met with a group of bloggers recently. But that’s the press… And the press have traditionally used Macs.

What I’m talking about are people who needed a PC to develop and program and test and to do God knows what else it is that gets geeky PC users excited. These PC gurus are now getting into Macs and I think that is a big deal.

What changed?

Some would say it’s the iPod halo effect. Well, the iPod has certainly raised awareness of the company. Now people know what I’m talking about when I say what I do. In fact, not only do they know about Apple, they own an Apple product. But these aren’t the people I’m talking about. To your average PC user picking a Mac over a Windows PC might be a big deal, but they never had any reason not to get a Mac, other than those myths that they wouldn’t be able to run Word.

I’m talking about the people who just last year wouldn’t take Apple seriously. As far as they were concerned Apple was some tin pot company that made pretty computers used by less than 2 per cent of people. And wouldn’t be able to run any of the software they needed.

2006 was the year when the change happened. In January when Apple launched the Intel-powered iMac and previewed the Intel-powered MacBook Pro, PC users started listening.

Then in April when Apple made the Boot Camp beta available, these PC geeks no longer had the my-software-won’t-run argument to fall back on.

There is also the fact that "Apple offers the advantages of Linux in a user-friendly operating system", to quote one of my PC using friends...

And a better operating system than Microsoft, who won’t be launching Vista to the masses until early 2007.

So, the iPod got their attention, the switch to Intel made them listen, Boot Camp dissolved the myths, OS X brought easy to use Linux, and now the Mac user will have to move over and allow the PC geek into the fold.