I remember a day when being a Mac user that’s up to date on processors meant being able to say a letter and increment a number (fun fact, I skipped the G5). Nowadays, it means keeping track of the bizarre and sometimes confusing Intel processor naming system. You know, Conroe, Merom, Woodcrest, Clovertown, and so on. Quick, without cheating, what’s the codename for the processor in your Intel Mac?

While I want to report how Penryn will arrive in Cupertino being ridden by Eragon, I’ll have to settle by telling the truth. Intel has announced Penryn chips will arrive this year. Imagine today’s Core 2 Duos and Xeon chips, only with clock speeds in excess of 3 GHz. They’ll start outsmarting us. That or Intel will reach a speed wall again, being forced to reengineer their product line again.

Editors note: This blog first appeared on our sister site Mac User (US).