Every year it comes around, as the days lengthen, the summer birds migrate and trees turn from green to golden, MacExpo. Last year's show attracted some criticism for offering too much focus on Apple's epoch-defining iPod. I expect it to be different this year.

Now, I'll be blunt - I haven't made it to the show yet - I've been putting together the news you'll find around the site. I'm heading off shortly.

Here's what I expect to find.

This time last year was a period of transition for Apple. It had only recently released its first Intel-powered product, the iMac. The impact of that transition was still being felt across the industry, as developers and product designers got to grip with the new systems - and, indeed, Mac OS X 10.4.

The result? Naturally there was a dearth of Mac products at the show, which meant the spotlight was clearly on the iPod and products for the iPod.

With the Intel transition now consigned to history, Apple will be at the show to tempt users with its hardware and software products.

Third-party developers will be in attendance, demonstrating their latest offerings for the platform. Everything from WiebeTech's Express Card 34 products for MacBook Pros and Quark's latest adventure in cyberspace, Quark Interactive Designer, will be on show.

Adobe, Microsoft and others will prowl the event, taking the chance to articulate their commitment to the Mac.

Beyond professional users, I expect the MacExpo experience will deliver many, many, many digital lifestyle products. This reflects the sea change in technology that began to gain momentum at the turn of the Century.

Computers aren't just professional tools anymore - they have become ubiquitous. I expect to see solutions for television, video, creation and consumption at MacExpo.

With iPod sales at their strongest rate yet, it's also likely there will be a plethora of 'Pod products on show, ranging from cases to voice recorders to new generations of advanced docks.

After the event, I'll probably find myself reflecting that MacExpo is a window on what is happening now, and a chance to glimpse some hints as to what's happening in future.

I'll be making a few notes today on what MacExpo offers. I'll try to let you know what the show has to tell us about the future of the Mac, and the iPod, too.

Do pop by later on.