I had a visit from an old friend today. Microsoft's blue screen of death (BSOD). It was great, it was like Doctor Who going 'aww mind-control, I haven't seen that in years'.

For Mac-owners blissfully unaware of this: the blue screen of death is caused by kernal panics. A kernal panic marks the point where Windows throws all of its toys out of the pram and decides to restart - informing you via a blue screen with white text. Funnily enough this is the same colour scheme I use to write in Microsoft Word on a Mac - wonder if there's a subconscious connection with Microsoft in my mind?

I honestly thought the BSOD had gone the way of floppy discs and thermal printing - to the great big computer second-hand shop in the sky. It was like turning on to a freeview TV channel and seeing your favourite kids' telly show from the 1980s.

Bless its cotton socks...

When it happened the second time I wasn't quite so pleased mind. I've been mucking about with Windows Vista for a feature for Macworld magazine (on sale this thursday - 26 April). How do Windows' users live? It keeps promising me 45 seconds until a restart, but somehow manages to automatically do it just before I manage to grab my camera and take a photo. Still, have a look on Google Images if you fancy a laugh.