I've had an Apple Mighty Mouse since it was released in August 2005.

Now I think it's time to call in the exterminators. The thing is a health hazard, and requires frequent maintenance.

Its cute top-mounted scroll ball meant that I could give up my third-party mice and return to an all-Apple solution. I liked it, as you can scroll every which way without having to click keyboard keys or second buttons.

Like most Apple mice it had its drawbacks - noticeably the collection of dirt, hair and grime on its underside (quite hideous) and smeary mess around the ball. Not a prtty image, is it?

Indeed, it's this mess that has had me several times minutes away from throwing the mouse against a wall or at least in the direction of the bin.

Every now and again the ball stops working either up or down, and I have to blow on the ball or wet it and try to remove whatever bit of dirt is gamming it up.

Today, after more spit and blow than an hour on the adult channel, I reached the point where I thought "This mouse has had it".

Just as I was reaching for the (also filthy) USB cable and eyeing my dormant but gleaming Logitech multi-button scroller, the scroll ball spun back into half life.

Should I put it and me out of misery? You, loyal readers, have the power of life and death...