It’s that time of year again, when otherwise perfectly sensible people feel the need to spend all day running around a sweaty show stuffed to the brim with computer technology.

In all honesty, I love MacExpo. For most people who attend feigning disinterest is an art form in itself. It's a matter of being cool; something I gave up as a non-starter years ago.

There’s something undeniably fun about a show entirely dedicated to the latest Mac products and, even if a lot of it has been taken over by the iPod in recent years – there’s still plenty to look at: Quark has pulled a genuine blinder with Quark Interactive Designer, Sony has finally unveiled it’s Blu-Ray BD-ROM recorder, Miglia has a unique VoIP product in the form of the Dialog Plus and Google is showcasing how Google Earth Pro and SketchUp work together. Plus of course the other thousands of products from just about every manufacturer you could name.

Working on Macworld brings its own charms to the show (not least of which the private stand and VIP area). We get to judge the Best Of Show awards and on the first day picked ten products that we think stand out. This means you really have to pay attention to what’s on each stand and uncover some right old gems. I hope you like what we picked, but if not you know where to find me (stand 215).

And if that’s not enough Greenpeace will offer to liven up any show for you…