There, I've said it. We've all known it for a while but I feel much better now that it's out in the open. Spotlight on my Mac is too slow.

When Spotlight came out I was on a G4 eMac so could survive it being a bit sluggish on the basis that it was 'future-tech' and would work better as I upgraded. I sat with it through the G5 and kept thinking: 'one day'. Now I'm using pretty much a brand new 15-inch MacBook Pro with 2GB of memory. It's got an 80GB hard drive partition (I've foolishly handed over 40GB to Vista, but it won't last) and there's 33.97 GB free.

And it's still too slow!

I've just typed in 'Noxon Radio' to see what data I've got for a reivew, and watched the wheel spin. It took 15 seconds to spin down. I know 15 seconds isn't long in the greater time that is my whole life, but it feels like an age to wait when you're eager to get going on your Mac.

And Spotlight has competition. Google recently launched Google Desktop for the Mac. A double-click of the Command button brings up a translucent search window and it does pretty much the same thing as Spotlight. But boy is it fast! What takes Spotlight 15 seconds takes Google less than 1 second.

It also opens up results in your web browser a la Google search, which is quite an eerie experience. And as well as searching your Mac it integrates with your Gmail account.

Once Google Desktop is installed on your Mac you won't go back to Spotlight, which is a shame, because Spotlight is undoubtadly powerful. It's just too slow for me to use. And the next iteration in Leopard will search other Macs and servers. So if you're on a network Spotlight is going to search not just your Mac, but every Mac you're connected to - I'm looking at 20 Macs and wondering just how long it'll take to search that lot...