From iPhone rumours and predictions for WWDC to Ann Summers encountering the wrath of Apple over a certain iPod peripheral, a lot can happen in ten days…

I’ve been enjoying the sunshine in Cornwall for the past week. While spending some time in the West Country might mean Cornish Pasties-a-plenty and the ultimate in cream teas, it’s also meant I’ve had no access to the web for a whole week. This means that I have a lot of catching up to do if I want to get back on track in the Mac world.

So I spent some time this morning trekking through our intrepid reporter Jonny Evans’ news stories. I thought I’d share and summarise what’s been going on with you.

There have been a few stories about the iPhone. From claims that the iPhone will ship in the US on 20 June to a rumour that the second generation iPhone will offer GPS features.

There was also news of a survey that found 90 per cent of mobile phone users in the US are convinced that the iPhone will be better than their existing handset – all based on Apple’s iPhone descriptions on its website.

Also interesting is a report that AT&T and Apple might be planning to introduce a pre-pay iPhone plan – maybe suggesting that it might be possible to get hold of an iPod without signing up for an expensive monthly contract.

It wasn’t all iPhone. There was also some positive news about Apple’s PC market share. Apple Mac sales are outpacing industry growth, according to an NPD report that states that Apple delivered a 94 per cent increase in retail sales of its laptops in April 2007. There was also the report from Yared Investment Research that stated that Apple will soon be a bigger company than IBM in terms of market capitalization. “Apple is just about to hit $100 billion in market cap while IBM is at $158 billion” said analyst Georges Yared.

And there was more good news for Apple, with CNN putting the company in 12th place in its ranking of the top 100 growing tech stocks. Microsoft didn’t even feature.

The analysts always have a lot to say. Last week we heard Piper Jaffray analyst, Gene Munster, predict that Apple will release a new MacBook Pro at WWDC, possibly toting an all-new and environmentally friendly LED screen. He also predicts a new-breed iMac for a June debut.

News from Apple itself included a security update that fixed a security flaw in iChat but more interesting was Apple CEO Steve Jobs (who has become quite outspoken on a number of issues in recent times) claims that only Al Gore (who just happens to serve on Apple’s board) should be the next president, as he would be capable of getting the US out of the ’20-foot hole’ they have dug themselves into. “We need somebody who knows how to build a ladder. Al's the guy,” he told Newsweek.

There was also news that Apple was being sued for making “false claims” about MacBook and MacBook Pro displays. The plaitifs in the case are complaining that rather than the superior experience promised, the screens are prone to flaws such as "grainy" or "sparkly" image quality, banding in gradients, and other visual flaws.

Another potential court case that came to light last week bought almost as much traffic to the Macworld website in a day as we normally see in a week. Apple is threatening to take high street adult retailer Ann Summers to court over its promotion of the iGasm. Apple is not happy about the silhouette-based images used in the iGasm ads – claiming that they are too similar to its own advertising.

So, I didn’t really miss much. Hopefully something will happen next week!