I'm watching the video from the meeting between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates last night - it's great. These men clearly know their stuff (they helped invent it, after all), and they come across engaging, funny, stimulating and - most important - full of enthusiasm.

I am a little annoyed that the clips are currently only available for streaming - I sense that this meeting could be of historic consequence.

We may never see these two men talk like this again, and as Jobs remarks, they're older now. And - particularly in Jobs' case - the definitive biography of either man hasn't truly been written yet.

I need to know what drives their DNA. Effectively, together Jobs and Gates have had a similar impact to that of Leonardo Da Vinci, and we lack a proper historical record of that man, beyond his works.

I recommend any Mac or Windows user should take the time to watch these films as soon as they can, as to understand these innovative men is, perhaps, to understand what to nurture in ourselves and in our children in order to foster a more innovative, possibly more peaceful, world.

I urge the Wall Street Journal to release these videos into the wild in as many formats as possible as soon as possible. I'd like to stress that the potential historic importance of the conversation means that it's in the public interest to make the footage available to and accesible by as many people as possible.