Running the news desk means you sometimes come across information you know readers may want to read, but the story is such a rumour you just can't report it as news. That's when blogs are so handy - so here's what's claimed to be a blow-by-blow list of what Apple CEO Steve Jobs will reveal later today...

The list - and it's a long list, much longer than that we have reported here - covers a slew of topics, read on:

- The opening of the Apple Store in Rome, and new European store announcements.

- A new brushed metal design for iMac, with an LED screen.

- More from Mac OS X Leopard, including: New Mail features; new Spotlight features; confirmation of a move to ZFS; Front Row 2.0; iCal updatedl and much more.

- A focus on Core Animation and how it will spur Mac development.

- Time Machine, QuickLook; Multiple Dashboards; Safari update and more.

- .Mac upgraded - with Google integration and support.

- iLife upgrade with significant .Mac integration.

- More on the iPhone along with the introduction of a range of accessories for the device, which ships in the US this month.

- And the introduction of a new 30GB touchscreen device called the [email protected]

Now - I'm not making these claims, and I'm offering no certificate of accuracy - they all emanate from a website called iPhone Alley. There's a translation here.

We'll be able to check later to see what comes true and what doesn't, meanwhile - don't you just love the rumour season? And what makes things more fun is that this report won't matter at all - true or false - after 8pm tonight.