Tonight's Apple event promises much.

There's been talk that we might, at long last, see brand-new AirPods, but most bullish of all are the promises of the next generation of MacBook Pro.

The rumours swirling around the next generation of Apple laptops have promised details and features that seem to appeal to just about every die-hard Mac fan. There's been talk of USB ports, HDMI, maybe even SD card readers. The Touch Bar will be replaced by function keys, and the classic MagSafe charging standard will make a comeback on the Mac, after its fairly welcoming reception on the iPhone.

Sounds just like a 2015 MacBook Pro, doesn't it? It sounds like a dream come true for nostalgic Mac fans who long for a time before today's minimalist machines. The perception seems to be that this is the MacBook Pro we've all been waiting for, after a few years of confusion within Apple.

I don't want to be That Guy, but now might be a good time to adjust your expectations.

Don't get your hopes up

Consider for a moment that the rumours are completely wrong, just like several of the rumours leading up to the Apple event in September.

Before that event, there were confident reports that the Apple Watch would get its biggest design change yet. Sure, the watch got a slightly larger screen, but otherwise the changes were minimal. We never saw the flat edges that were talked about so much.

Even renowned analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo were wrong about the Apple Watch Series 7. This is an important reminder that the rumour mill can get it wrong - badly wrong, in fact.

Look forward, not back

It's reasonable to expect Apple to have listened to the criticisms of the current MacBook Pro, such as being a little too stripped down when it comes to ports. The transition to USB-C and Thunderbolt never happened as quickly as Apple probably hoped; not every conference room is able to whip out a USB-C cable at the drop of a hat.

But Apple doesn't tend to be very nostalgic either, and to think that everything will go back to the way Macs looked before 2016 is to hope for the wrong things. Apple can change, as it did with the controversial keyboards, but it rarely - if ever - simply reverts to something old.

Instead, think of this as a brand-new generation of MacBook Pro, in which Apple gets to make new choices about what should be in the device's feature set for the 21st century. I personally have a hard time imagining that will involve a bunch of USB-A ports.

More problems

Spice this up with other potential problems. Maybe the next AirPods are further delayed? Maybe the MacBook Pro doesn't ship until next year? This year's October event could be a heady cocktail of high expectation and bitter disappointments.

Hopefully we'll get everything we've always wanted in the next-generation MacBook Pro, but there's also a real chance that the rumours have been exaggerated, or are simply wrong.

Apple's event will be held tonight (Monday 18 October) at 6pm UK time. Here's how to watch the event live, and Macworld will be reporting on the announcements throughout the evening.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation (using DeepL) by David Price.