We truly love both the iPhone 6s and the LG G5 phones, but here are a few reasons to choose iOS device over its Android competitor.

In order to stay impartial, we also have an article on why you should choose the LG G5 over the iPhone 6s on our sister site PC Advisor, so make sure you see both points of view before flaming us in the comments!

This article is also written by someone who uses both Android and iOS on a daily basis.

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Why the iPhone is better than the LG G5: Apple's ecosystem

iPhone is better than the LG G5 - Lifestyle

If you're reading this article, you've probably got a Mac yourself, or have other Apple devices around the house. If this is the case, then Apple's ecosystem is quite inclusive for other Apple devices, making the iPhone 6s a much better buy over the Android-based LG G5.

Synchronising your files, sharing contacts and even messaging your contacts that have Apple devices is a lot easier through the ecosystem. Some might dislike the ecosystem, but we think it's fantastic if you've got other Apple devices. Everything becomes a lot easier and hassle free.

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Why the iPhone is better than the LG G5: 3D Touch functionalities

iPhone is better than the LG G5 - 3D Touch

3D Touch isn't available on all iPhones, but on the 6s it's a feature that stands out and provides you with useful shorts and features.

The feature enables you to have shortcuts built-into iOS and have certain apps respond differently based on the pressure you apply to the screen. The innovative functionality allows you to be more efficient when using your phone and helps you navigate faster.

The LG G5 doesn't have 3D Touch, or the type of hardware integration offered by Apple, meaning you'll have to rely on software-side shortcuts to help you. If you're one that likes using various shortcuts, the iPhone 6s will provide you with better options.

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Why the iPhone is better than the LG G5: Better for audiophiles

iPhone is better than the LG G5 - Audio

On our sister site PC Advisor, we rounded up the best phones for music. We looked at the external speaker and internal chipset audio quality and benchmarked the results against other flagship phones. In both our speaker and internal audio tests we found the iPhone 6s to be the better all-round performer.

The iPhone's neutral and more flat sound signature is also preferred by audiophiles, where the sound isn't as tainted or loose sounding, like the LG G5. Audiophiles and those who listen to music a lot should carefully consider the advantages the iPhone 6s holds over the LG G5 in terms of raw audio capabilities.

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Why the iPhone is better than the LG G5: Design and looks

iPhone is better than the LG G5 - Design

Apple's design has been iconic and given its sleek and metallic body look, we much prefer it over the LG G5's design, which looks a little clunky and odd given its camera design.

Despite the iPhone not having a removable battery like the LG G5, we still prefer its overall design, colour and feel in our hands.

There is of course the camera bump on the iPhone 6s, but given the LG G5 also has a reasonable bump, it's not something the LG G5 can really boast about.

If design and looks of a phone is important to you, then the iPhone 6s would be our recommendation.

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Why the iPhone is better than the LG G5: Security and viruses

iPhone is better than the LG G5 - Security

Security and malware are always an issue, no matter what mobile platform you're choosing, be it iOS, Android or even Windows Phone. If there's a security flaw and way of downloading malware, hackers and those wanting to annoy you will do so.

In this case, the LG G5 runs on Android, meaning it's more prone in getting a virus and having security flaws exposed over its Apple counterpart. This isn't to say that an iOS device, like the iPhone 6s can't receive malware and viruses, but in comparison to an Android phone we find that it's easier to accidentally download malware and viruses to your phone. This comes partially down to how apps are approved on both platforms; with Apple have a more rigid stance on approving apps on the App Store, whereas Google and its Play Store are very lenient.

This means that people can develop apps and have malicious code hidden in the background a lot easier than apps on iOS.

If you want a more secure mobile operating platform, then iOS and the iPhone 6s provide a better option.

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