Soundbooth CS5 (DA) full review

Soundbooth CS5 automatically launches with an empty three-track multitrack project, an indication of the enhancements for handling such projects in the Editor panel. You can view all tracks at once or zoom into just one, with relative track heights being maintained when dragging.

Tracks can have a Single-track view, which is especially useful when combined with new techniques in CS5 that enhance the clip-editing workflow. You can use the move tool to align sound clips to specific points in a scene, adding a modifier to copy (Shift-C) or split (Command-K) audio clips, or move clips between different tracks.

More than 10,000 sound effects and 130 customisable scores are now directly available from within Soundbooth, via the new Resource Central panel. However, as part of the CS Live subscription services, Resource Central might remain free for a limited time only.

A pull-down menu in the Resources panel lets you preview each score before downloading it. You can add to an empty audio track by clicking on the score name in the Resource Central panel and dragging it to the track. You can then switch to a workspace for editing the score to a video track, adding keyframes to adjust parameters in the timeline or directly tweaking levels to match the action of a scene. You can also use the properties panel to match the start and end points of video and audio.

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