AeroPad Mini full review

The AeroPad Mini offers a simple way to add wireless networking to almost any device with Ethernet and USB ports. It draws it’s power from the USB socket, negating the need for a power plug. This makes it ideal for older iBooks that don’t support Airport Extreme. It comes with very short cables, which is fine for use with a notebook but awkward with any machine under a desk.

Setting it up was easy, as it requires no drivers at all. The setup is controlled by a Web page embedded in the AeroPad so the only preparation you have to do to the Mac (or other device) is change the IP address before setup, and then switch back to automatic.

The only real downside is that you have to add the wireless network information manually, so you must know both the SSID and the channel number, something many users will not be familiar with. Once set up, however, it worked very well, allowing me to share an internet connection between a Power Mac and a PowerBook quickly and easily.

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