Airburst full review

Strange Flavour keeps coming up with pleasant surprises for Mac gamers. In 2001 it debuted an offbeat (and ridiculously cheap) side-scrolling game called Bushfire, in which a player endeavoured to save a forest of endangered trees. It followed up that game with the equally offbeat and inexpensive Airburst. Airburst combines a bit of Pong with a bit of Mortal Kombat to produce an odd and extremely fun arcade game for the Mac. You’re positioned high above Earth on a cushion of balloons. You also have a small barrier of balloons that you can rotate around yourself to repel the onslaught of razor-sharp flying balls. Your must knock your opponents defenceless and take them down. With its colourful graphics and smooth animations rivalling those of arcade games, Airburst is beautiful to look at. And it doesn’t overwhelm with complex game-play mechanics or a ridiculous level of difficulty right off the bat – instead, it eases you into play and and coaxes you into more challenging levels.
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