Amorphium Pro 1.1 full review

Electric Image’s Amorphium made 3D modelling more accessible, by putting intuitive sculpting tools into a simple interface inspired by image-software wizard Kai Krause. Like Amorphium, Amorphium Pro lets you modify objects as though they were made of clay, apply sculpting and painting tools, and employ real-time distortion effects. But, the new version removes the original’s most frustrating limitations. A full keyframe-animation timeline lets you animate multiple objects, the camera, lights, and environmental effects. The vastly improved Materials function lets you define surface colours and properties, and you can add surface effects with shaders. In addition to importing models in popular 3D formats, the program can import EPS files and convert them into 3D objects. And, Amorphium Pro’s extensive Flash-export options let you choose between realistic, high-bandwidth animations and more-cartoonish ones that consume less space. A new Wax mode, complete with a Heat setting, lets you expand or contract a model’s geometry as if it were a lump of wax. As before, you can use linked spheres to create fingers and other objects. With a new parenting function, you can link one object’s motion to another’s, and Boolean functions let you create new objects by intersecting existing ones. With the improved masking tools, you can reduce or expand polygon density in different parts of a model. The manual is skimpy, and at £209, Amorphium Pro costs £50 more than the original.
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