Bryce 6.1 full review

Now in version 6.1 and firmly under the auspices of Daz 3D, Bryce, the venerable 3D landscape and modelling software, adds Mac Intel compatibility and strengthens support for multi-processors. DAZ Studio, the free figure-posing and animation tool is bundled along with the main application to take advantage of the ability to import full animations from Studio, along with attendant textures. Memory management is also improved when importing Poser or DAZ|Studio figures with textures.

New for the Sky Lab is Image-Based Lighting (IBL), offering controls for adding an HDRI image, with advanced quality and effect settings, a roller ball positioning tool and the option to render the image as the scene background.

On the modelling side, the random replicate tool is a step up from the multi replicate tool. By selecting an object then ticking the Land Objects box, this tool will scatter replicas of the original object across a scene, but they’ll remain snapped realistically to the ground surface. It’s advisable to select the collision detection option to avoid any odd intersections.

Bryce is not on the same scale as Maya, but it is possible to create some fairly complex models using metaball modelling or by performing Boolean operations on groups of primitives. This version adds the ability to convert such groups to mesh, to be further manipulated or exported from Bryce into other 3D applications.

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