modo 202 full review

Though modo 202 features improved modelling, enhanced workflow, and even a powerful, new render engine, it is the 3D/2D paint tools and UV mapping tools that take top billing. The paint tools consist of 12 familiar tools, such as airbrush, and eraser, five brushes and inks that provide dozens of possibilities including parametric textures and patterns.

Those experienced with Photoshop, or even Painter, will have no problem with the modo paint tools, as they have a similar look and feel. These tools make it a snap to texture simple or complex 3D models, and are unsurpassed by paint tools in any other subdivision modeller.

The potent UV tools provide solutions that truly reduce the amount of labour required to UV map models. The Unwrap tool predictably unfolds models based on selected seams, and overlapping UVs can be untangled with the Relax tool. The Tear Off and Sew tools allow UVs to be easily repositioned. The UV tools work closely with the paint tools in as much as you can paint directly in the UV Edit view (2D painting).

modo 202 is the only subdivision modeller with a comprehensive render engine that rivals the quality found in many animation suites. The proprietary render engine supports advanced features such as Subsurface Scattering, DOF, and Global Illumination. Though the render engine can produce ultra-realistic, photographic images, render setup and rendering may take considerable time, which is no different than other high-end render solutions.

Mesh Painting, Instance Item, Solid Sketch and Sculpt round out the major modelling additions in modo 202. Mesh Painting is a useful tool that ‘paints’ one object on the surface of another, for instance, bolts on the hull of ship. Instance Item reduces memory overhead by instancing repetitive meshes, and Solid Sketch is a quick way to rough-in organic objects. Sculpt is modo’s paint deformation implementation, but is comparatively limited compared with, say, Hexagon 2.1’s customisable, detailed, micro-displacement.

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