Anxiety full review

Anxiety is a curiously inappropriate name for a to-do list application. Making lists, when you’re snowed under with an impossible number of tasks is soothing. Ticking jobs off as you work through them is more effective than any sedative and just as addictive. Perhaps a better name for this application would be Valium but, unfortunately, that’s already been taken.

The developer describes Anxiety as a lightweight to-do list application and it certainly is. Dig deep enough and Anxiety reveals itself to be little more than a floating user interface for iCal’s to-do list feature. It’s basically a widget, in other words.

Don’t let that put you off though. For dedicated list makers and disciples of GTD (Getting Things Done), it’s a highly visible reminder of the tasks that immediately face you. The simple black pane sits on top of your desktop, whatever else you have open, enabling you to enter new tasks and tick them off as you accomplish them.

Direct integration with iCal means that tasks are assigned to calendars you’ve created in Apple’s application. To add more detail than Anxiety can handle, double-clicking a task will open it in iCal, where you can fine-tune descriptions. And, with iCal’s CalDav integration, you can synchronise tasks with compliant online services, like Google Calendar.

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