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Since Apple's first Cinema Display was announced, it has been at the top of many wish lists. It has stayed a wish mostly because the Cinema Display range is among the most expensive available – at least until now. The new 20-inch Cinema Display is a mid-range screen to replace the original 22-inch model. Apple has also slashed the prices of the 23-inch HD model and the 17-inch model. The price for the new 20-inch Cinema Display is a mere £1,099. No small change, but compared to other 20-inch models, such as the excellent Formac 2010, it's at least £75 cheaper. The 2010's resolution of 1,600-x-1,200 pixels is marginally higher than the wide-screen 1,680-x-1,050 aspect ratio of the 20-inch Cinema Display. Apple hasn't shrugged off all its competitors, but the others aren't Apple. Also, with the luxury of knowing the hardware, Apple can use its proprietary ADC connectivity to offer USB, software control of the screen, and power through a single cable. Of course, this is available only through an ADC video card, otherwise you'll need an expensive adaptor. Another quirk of ADC is that it needs Mac OS X 10.2.3 to control the screen brightness. The screen has ample room for palettes and windows, but it really comes into its own when playing widescreen DVDs. The image is dazzling, and you could easily watch a whole movie on a screen this size – though it might get you sacked.
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