Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit full review

The Camera Connection Kit for the iPad is a perfect accessory for photographers looking to take advantage of the iPad’s display capabilities. Instead of having to connect an iPad to a Mac to load it up with your photos and videos, you can move this content directly onto an iPad from a camera using one of two dock connectors in the kit. This kit is simple to use and turns the iPad into an excellent tool for photographers who need to back-up or preview photos in the field.

If you shoot with a camera that accepts SD memory cards, use the SD dock connector to transfer media (mini-SD cards can also be used with an adapter). Push the reader in the iPad’s port and insert the card. If you shoot with another type of media card, such as CF, then use the companion USB connector. Attach the USB cord directly from your camera or try a USB card reader.

When you make a connection, the iPad’s Photos app launches immediately and displays thumbnails for every image on the memory card. You’ll notice that a new tab labeled “Camera” appears at the top of the app’s interface. This tab remains for as long as you have media attached to the iPad.

Once connected, the iPad handles a variety of file formats with equal ease. You can import JPEG, raw, and even movie files. When you connect your camera or card, Images that have been previously imported from the device will display a green check mark on the thumbnail. If you shoot Raw+JPEG, a label denoting that pair will appear across the bottom of the image. Even though both files are transferred to the iPad, you will only see one thumbnail.

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