Apple LED Cinema Display full review

Apple’s Cinema Displays have been languishing for a while. Once the king of monitor choices (at a reasonable price, too) the displays have been stuck in a rut and slowly overtaken by better models for more reasonable prices.

So, we welcomed the news of Apple’s Cinema Display for MacBook. Here is a brand new display, much in the style of Apple’s iMac and offering a fresh angle on what monitors are for.

This screen isn’t created with the Mac Pro desktop in mind, but Apple’s MacBook range of laptops. To this end the Cinema Display for MacBook comes with not one, but three cables: a Mini DisplayPort cable, a USB 2.0 connector and a MagSafe power adaptor. These plug in to the side of the MacBook and provide power and connectivity. On the rear of the display sits three USB 2.0 connections – slot a keyboard and mouse in to the back of the display and you might as well be running an iMac. Surely this offers the best of all worlds?

Well, yes, it does, but it comes at a price (and we’re not just talking about the fairly substantial £635 ticket price) – there are a number of other factors to consider here.

Apple Cinema Display and MacBook

Apple's new LED Cinema Display produces incredibly vibrant images, making it a joy to look at your work

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