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What's new in the Apple LED Cinema Display?

First of all we’d like to mention that Apple is making good on its environmental promise. As with the iMac and MacBook the new LED Cinema Display is made mostly out of recyclable aluminium. The LED backlit display is mercury free and may last longer than CCFL backlights found in most LED monitors. As a bonus, the use of LED technology means that it fires up much faster than the LCD models it replaces.

The new display includes an iSight camera and microphone, which although welcome has a sensation of being so overdue that it no longer even seems pertinent. It also has built-in stereo speakers in the bottom of the display and a third that bounces sound off the stand towards the user. It’s an interesting setup, although we found the sound slightly tinnier than on the iMac: although it is an improvement over the built-in speakers on the MacBook.

The build quality of the display is second to none, though, offering the same kind of sturdy look and feel of the iMac. The black bezel ensures that it stylishly matches up with the latest range of MacBooks.

As with previous Apple displays you’re limited to changing the angle of the display; there is no option to adjust the height of the monitor, which is something rival models in this price range offer. There is also a noticeable lack of on-screen controls, with every setting for the monitor accessed through the Displays option in System Preferences.

Still, there’s no denying that the new LED Cinema Display is a stunning piece of kit to look at. But how does it fare when you plug it in and fire it up?

Apple LED Cinema Display rear

Apple's LED Cinema Display is made of environmentally friendly aluminium. On the rear are housed three USB 2.0 sockets

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