Apple Wireless Keyboard full review

As Apple aficionados, your first port of call for a separate keyboard is most likely to be Apple’s own offering. Compact and low-profile, Apple’s Bluetooth option uses chiclet keys that have become a familiar choice for today’s keyboards. Apple has looked carefully at how it could shrink its keyboards to the absolute minimum, which some users may not find to their liking.

Designed for use with desktop Macs, this wireless keyboard is as at home working with your iOS devices. We connected the keyboard to our iPad in seconds. The chiclet keys themselves are nicely spaced and don’t suffer from the cramped placement of other compact keyboards. Their travel was pleasing to type with – if you’re a touch typist, you should have no problems using this keyboard at speed.

You don’t get a separate numeric keypad, however.

If you’ve used any of Apple’s recent keyboards, you’ll like that all the keys you need are in familiar locations. But if you have an iPad Keyboard Dock, for instance, you’ll notice that the top row of keys is slightly different. And you won’t find iPad-specific controls on this physical keyboard as you would with the onboard virtual layout, or a key to go to the iPad’s home screen.

Apple’s own Bluetooth keyboard is a good choice for any iOS device when an external keyboard is needed


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