Aqua Hoops for iPhone full review

Often times with iPhone games, the simpler the better. Sometimes I just want a fun game that I can play for two minutes while waiting for a cup of coffee or standing in line. Aqua Hoops fits that need perfectly.

Developed by Aqua Hoops is a fun modern version of the water-filled basketball games many played when young. , Aqua Hoops is a modern version of the water-filled basketball games you used to play as a kid. The harder you push the virtual plunger, the faster and higher the basketballs shoot up toward the baskets.

The concept of the game is simple - launch as many basketballs as you can through the various hoops in a set amount of time - but Playtoniq nails some little details.

Aqua Hoops includes the sound of sloshing water when you hit the plunger, and the water at the top of the screen sloshes when you tilt the device.

Aqua Hoops is compatible with any iPhone or iPod touch running the iPhone 2.x software update.

[Beau Colburn grew up in Connecticut where he remembers playing the old-school version of these games on the beach.]


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