ArtMatic Pro 2.5 full review

If you want an easy way to create compelling abstract images and animations, ArtMatic Pro 2.5 is a good bet. It uses mathematics to generate art, and requires skills no more advanced than the ability to operate a mouse. With version 1.2, it was difficult to predict the results of the program’s mathematical operator modules, which generate the images. But this new version lets users fine-tune their creations. It includes more than 3,000 tweakable presets to use as the basis for compositions. An expanded set of graphics generators and filters and an animation-preview feature for exporting QuickTime movies are welcome. Presets are found in ArtMatic Browser, a separate application that organizes images by type – Skies & Clouds, and Botanic, for example. Although it’s easier to click on the interface’s large die to generate an image, you’ll have better luck achieving the desired outcome if you select and modify a preset. Rendering a high-resolution QuickTime movie can take a long time – a few seconds per frame on a 400MHz PowerBook G4 – so knowing in advance how the movie will turn out is worthwhile. This was difficult to discern with the previous version’s low-resolution Random Path Animation feature. But ArtMatic’s new Preview feature offers a higher-res look at the QuickTime movie.
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