ArtRage full review

ArtRage, a popular digital painting program for Mac and PC, is one of our favourite iPad painting apps, so we were pleased to see it updated for iPad 2.

With 24 canvas options, 13 tools including oil brush, pencil, pastels and palette knife, all of which can be customised (for example, a Just Water brush), the possibilities are endless.

Each tool produces a true-to-life effect: textures are so realistic it’s easy to forget you’re using an iPad, blending colours looks like the real thing, and it’s possible to create images that rival traditional mediums. You can even make a great metallic effect. Like Photoshop, ArtRage allows unlimited layers, with a full range of blend modes.

ArtRage uses gestures to make life easier. For example, swipe with three fingers to undo and redo (which is unlimited by the way), and drag up or down with three fingers to change the tool size.

Files can be shared via email or sent directly to an AirPrint-enabled printer. ArtRage users who own the desktop program can transfer creations made on the iPad to their Mac or PC and back via iTunes file sharing feature.

The only downfall of this incredible app is that it often suffers from lag, which can be off putting for artists used to working quickly.

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