Asiva Photo 1.2 full review

Asiva Photo 1.2 is the Mac OS X port of the image-editing application positioned by Asiva as a companion product to Adobe Photoshop. This “companionship” is explained largely by the fact that Photoshop’s layers – and therefore masks – are disabled when working with 16-bit images. Graphics pros and photographers always work in 16-bit given the choice, because these can contain 65,536 hues, as opposed to the 256 with 8-bit files. This extra information means that changing colours and levels in 16-bit images is histogram friendly, so non-destructive. Changes are made using an “operations” metaphor. The available Operations include: Correct Color (searches and replaces a colour), Apply Color (adds a target colour); Shift Component (shiftable values include RGB, hue and saturation); Gain Component (for altering contrast and colour intensity); and Remap Component (a “super” Operation for advanced users, that can apply several of the above changes simultaneously.) Colours can be altered in a colour-picker window, and changes can be applied and undone in specified areas using an ellipse, square, and brush tool. Operation Maps offer Asiva Photo’s true colour- and levels-editing power. Maps let you see “inside” the colour space of either an entire image, or a selected portion, by rendering the colour information as a line-graph whose points can be moved, so generating curves, or maps, of colour co-ordinates. This is designed to fine-tune changes made in Operations. When set to Hue, for example, the map’s X-axis – the horizontal – represents a linear version of a 360-degree colour wheel, with the Y-axis being numerical values. But be warned: there may be rich rewards to be had from mastering maps, but only after long, long hours of practice.raphics pros and pre-press folk. The latter are more likely to warm to the accessible editing and production capabilities of Photo Retouch Pro.
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