Audio Hijack Pro 1.2.3 full review

I stumbled across Audio Hijack Pro (AHP) in a desperate search for a way to convert a MIDI file into an AIFF or MP3 that could be imported into iMovie. I soon learned that such a conversion is far from simple, and involves the use of high-end audio-editing software such as Pro Tools. But not so, because minutes after downloading the AHP demo I had my MP3 conversion in the bag. AHP is an audio grabber and enricher that enables users to record and save any audio played in any application. I simply played the MIDI clip in Internet Explorer, told AHP to record it, and, voila, there was my MP3 on the desktop. AHP also comes with a pile of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) effects, meaning that any Internet-audio captured can be improved or manipulated in many ways. By experimenting with these effects I was able to make my clip sound twice as nice. The application also supports third-party VST and AudioUnit plug-ins. AHP is also great for capturing streamed radio programmes, which you can then listen to on an iPod on the way to or from work. It comes with a Timer function, so you can set it to record any programme at any time. It can even be used to turn your Mac into an alarm clock. Yet another use is recording Audible .aa files so they can be played on MP3 players that don’t support that format.
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