Audio Hijack Pro 2.0 full review

Audio Hijack Pro (AHP) is billed as being a “one-stop shop for audio” – a claim with which it’s tough to quibble, for AHP is a computer-audio grabber and enricher that records and saves audio played in any application. I first chanced across Audio Hijack Pro in a bid to convert an online MIDI file into AIFF or MP3 format, so I could import it into iMovie.

Without a tool such as AHP this would’ve entailed using high-end audio-editing software such as Pro Tools.It’s great for capturing streamed radio programmes and serialized spoken-novels, that can then be enjoyed on an MP3 player. It comes with a Timer function, so you can set it to record any programme at any time.It can even be used to turn a Mac into an alarm clock.

AHP also comes with a pile of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) effects, meaning it can improve captured audio. The Exciter effect, for example, can sweeten not only radio streams but also MP3s. It works by adding harmonics, unmuddying the sound. Other effects – such as a ten-band EQ – can be used to improve the audio quality of games and DVDs played on your machine.

Version 2.0 is a significant upgrade, delivering some immensely useful features, key among which is its ability to record to AAC and Apple Lossless (ALAC) formats, as well as MP3 and AIFF. This frees you from the quagmire of restrictive audio formats, because you can convert any hard-to-play audio (Real Media, Windows Media etc) into more-universal formats. This allows you, for example, to record Audible .aa files so they can be played on MP3 players that don’t support that format.

AHP also simplifies the process of digitizing old records and tapes With 2.0’s new Silence Monitor, AHP splits an album into multiple tracks automatically, tags files with any information you set, and ships the songs to iTunes when recording is finished.

Other notable new features include a slick new interface and a Quick Record feature that sets up a recording with fast access to important features.

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